"Who Else Wants The Secrets To Finding And Attracting Plenty Of Motivated Sellers So That You Can Make A Ton Of Cash And Finally Put To Use What You've Learned From Your Favorite Real Estate Guru?"

Dear Fellow Real Estate Investor:

In order for you to make money as a Real Estate investor you need your phone ringing off the hook each and every day with Motivated Sellers so that you can make offers to them. The strange thing is these Motivated Sellers are actually looking for you because you can provide solutions to their problems.

But hey you know what? They can't find you. Why? Because Your Marketing Sucks. You have a big whole in your system that needs to be fixed if you want to prosper as a Real Estate Investor. Maybe I'm rushing to judgment a little bit. Maybe you've done a deal or two already, maybe you've done more. Bravo! But is it enough? Don't you want more?

You may think I sound a little harsh and direct but hey I want to you to succeed as a Real Estate Investor and as an Entrepreneur, so I am going to tell it like it is and give you the real deal with no filler and no fluff.

Let me introduce myself to you my name is Omar Johnson and I am fellow Real Estate Investor and I know that up until this point in your Real Estate career you've probably learned from your favorite real estate guru 100 different ways and techniques to put together deals for Lease Options/Options, Wholesaling, Retailing, Getting the Deed or how to perform a Short Sale.

That's all fine and dandy, but it all means absolutely nothing if you don't know how to get sellers in front of you so that you can construct and present your offers, get them accepted, and in the process make a boatload of cash. Don't you agree?

What Your Favorite Real Estate Guru Didn't Teach You

Okay, here is the main problem. Your favorite Real Estate Guru in their particular course or seminar didn't exactly reveal to you or show you the ton of ways in which you can locate and find motivated sellers.

I guess it's not their focus or maybe they are just leaving out the good stuff so that they can upsell you to some Guerilla Marketing Bootcamp or something similar for $5,000. I'm all too familiar with that game and you are probably too.

To continue, to their credit what they probably did teach was that you should put a WE BUY HOUSES—Any Price, Any Condition,Any Area classified ad in your local newspaper. This is good advice except for two things.

1) There are other real estate investors in your area with the same ad in the same newspaper! In my local newspaper there are four such ads including mine.

2) Your phone barely rings. Don't get me wrong your ad should remain in the newspaper all year around if your budget allows it because you just never know when that motivated seller will decide to call you, but by using this approach alone you will be waiting and waiting………………for your phone to ring all the while becoming more and more frustrated and wondering if the Real Estate business is for you.

In addition, the majority of the Real Estate Gurus teach you but in the most simple and basic way that you must mail letters to people with houses but they hardly ever show you:

Who, What, and Where to target
Where's the best place to get a reliable list
How to craft a formulaic letter
How to match your message with your market
How To Create A Sequential Letter System for finding deals
How To Use Postcards to bring you an Avalanche of Motivated Sellers.
How to systemize the entire process so that your business runs on autopilot

In my home study course entitled "The Real Estate Investor's Guide To Finding Motivating Sellers" I cover these areas in great detail and reveal to you the real secrets of how to find and attract all the motivated sellers you can handle.

You see another thing that your favorite guru never told you or maybe they did and you just needed to absorb it a little more is that instead of being a real estate entrepreneur,you must become a marketer of your real estate business.

That's what it comes down to. If you are in business, you need to make this shift in your thinking. No business is going to prosper without a lot of customers. Making this shift in thinking about who you are focuses you on the singularly most important and financially rewarding aspect of business--marketing.

The money is in marketing the business, not in doing the business.

In my home study course I show you how to market your Real Estate business.

You will learn:

  1. How And Where To Find All The Motivated Sellers That You Can Handle!
  2. How To Match Your Message To The Market You Are Targeting.
  3. How To Write Hypnotically By Using "Words That Sell".
  4. How To Create A Formulaic Letter That Will Attract Motivated Sellers Like Bees Are Attracted To Honey.
  5. The Best Companies To Use For Your Mailing List.
  6. How To Find Motivated Seller Even If They Are Hiding Under A Rock.
  7. The Importance Of Sequential Mailings.
  8. How To Communicate With Motivated Sellers.
  9. What To Say And What Not To Say In Your Correspondence To Them.
  10. How To Build An Ant Colony And Use It To Find You Deals.
  11. How To Gain An Edge Over Your Competition Like Other Real Estate Investors And Real Estate Agents.
  12. The Secrets Of How To Use Real Estate Agents To Find You Deals. This Technique Can Make You Rich.
  13. How To Use Classified And Display Ads In Creative Ways Other Than The Tired Old "We Buy Houses, Any Price, Any Area, And In Any Condition Ads.
  14. How To Effectively Use Car Signs How To Effectively Use "Bandit Signs" .
  15. How To Effectively Use Billboards.
  16. How To Effectively Use Shopping Carts.
  17. How To Effectively Use Door Hangers.
  18. The Secrets of Dealing with Motivated Sellers Who Are:
Absentee Or Out Of State OwnersFrustrated And Tired LandlordsIn Pre-ForeclosureIn BankruptcyGoing Through DivorceHave Code Enforcement Issues

And Much Much More………

In fact there is not enough space on this web page to list all the secrets that will be revealed in this goldmine of a home study course which includes:

1 Thick Manual
6 Audio Cds
1 Data Cd

That includes The Real Estate Investor's Sequential Letter System™

In addition to all of this you get my tried and proven system of postcards, free reports, flyers, signs, business cards, and ads that you can personally use to attract motivated sellers.

Everything is all done for you so there is no need for you to create these marketing materials from scratch. Just simply edit them and personalize them with your name then send them out and sit back and watch your phone start ringing off the hook with Motivated Sellers who are dying to do deals with you.

Here's Why You Must Systemize Your Real Estate Business To Run On Auto Pilot

All great businesses run themselves automatically by using a system. Your real estate business shouldn't be any different if you plan to be truly great and rich at what you do. For example, just look at McDonald's.They have an ultra successful franchise system that serves billions of burgers and fries to people

Ray Kroc founder of the McDonald's franchise system basically took what the McDonald brothers were already doing successfully selling burgers and fast food and duplicated their system to build an astounding worldwide conglomerate.

What was that system? Kroc called it the McDonald's Method which was basically a system that explained to the franchisees such things like how much meat to include in a hamburger, how to cut the fries and often to clean the restaurant.

Similarly your goal as a real estate Investor should be to use an already proven system

That's why I'm giving to you my Real Estate Investor's Sequential Letter System™. A proven system of sequential letters that will allow you just like McDonald's to have some high school kid insert the letters in envelopes, seal them, put a live stamp on them and mail them out while you are out concentrating on making deals with Motivated Sellers that will make you filthy stinkin rich.

The Real Estate Investor's Sequential Letter System consists of letters and follow up letters for all types of Motivated Sellers. They cover every situation from A to Z.

Your Ready To Use System Will Include:

37 Sequential Letters10 postcards10 Classified ads1 Stop Foreclosure Report
1 Sell Your House In 7 days Free Report

Plus These Incredible Bonuses

Free Bonus #1- Super Directory Of Hard Money Lenders

You'll get my Super Directory of Hard Money Lenders which consists of over 500 Hard Money Lenders that will fund your real estate deals. Includes an additional free bonus cd of an interview with Bob Beckman Of Rehab Funding And Ron Legrand.

Free Bonus #2-The Real Estate Investor's Deluxe Forms CD

This bonus cd includes 51 forms that you can utilize in your Real Estate transactions. These are the List of Forms that are included:

1) Affidavit of Land Trust
2) Appointment of Land Trust
3) Assignment of Beneficial Interest In Land Trust
4) Authorization To Release Information
5) Bill Of Sale For Personal Property
6) Buying House Checklist Form
7) Consent To Background Check
8) Declaration of Trust And Land Trust Agreement
9) Deduction For Repairs and Cleaning
10) Escrow Letter
11) Foreclosure Checklist
12) Lead Based Paint Disclosure
13) Letter Appointing Management
14) Letter Of Agreement And Addendum
15) Letter Of Intent
16) Letter To The Lender of Establishment Trust
17) Letter Of Intent ABC
18) Letter Of Intent XYZ
19) Limited Power Of Attorney
20) Loan Document
21) Maintenance Form
22) Management Agreement
23) Notice Of Change of Terms
24) Notice Of Intent To Enter
25) Notice To Insurance Companies

26) Office Lease 2
27) Pay Rent Or Quit
28) Promissory Note
29) Purchase And Sale Agreement
30) Purchase Agreement
31) Request To Cancel Insurance
32) Resident Keep Security Deposit Form
33) Resident Lease
34) Resident Move Out Form
35) Resident Terminate Lease Letter
36) Resident We're The New Owners Letter
37) Residential Lease
38) Residential Rental Application
39) Retail Office Lease
40) Seller Property Information
41) Seller's Affidavit
42) Seller's Mortgage Disclosure Statement
43) Seller's Property Disclosure Statement
44) Standard Warranty To Deed
45) Standard Warranty To Deed form
46) Subject To Checklist
47) Tenant Increase Letter
48) Tenant Move Out Letter
49) Testimonial
50) Trustee Authorization
51) Unit Inspection Form

Free Bonus #3 – The Landlording Kit CD

Consists of 35 ready to use forms and letters for the Real Estate Investor who are landlords or planning to become one.

My home study course "The Real Estate Investor's Guide To Finding Motivated Sellers" is absolutely the best and most comprehensive package around.

"Your course steered me in the right direction, I knew all the different ways how to buy houses, the problem was I just couldn't get that damn phone to ring the way I wanted. As a result of using your system, I'm happy to say I don't have that problem anymore."
Blaine Smith Terre Haute, Indiana

"I mailed out 3,000 postcards using your mass mailing system and here are the results. I received 40 calls and out of those calls I did 4 deals totaling $87,257.47. Thanks for everything"
Sue Winehart Tulsa, Oklahoma

"Geez, what a fabulous system. Not only does it give you everything on a golden platter but you explain it step by step and now my telephone constantly rings with motivated sellers on the line ready to make deals."
Bob Williams Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Once again this is the most comprehensive unbeatable package ever for the serious Real Estate Investor because you get a ready to use already proven system that not only attracts motivated sellers but you also have access to a total library of forms that you can use and a Super Directory Of Hard Money Lenders who can fund your deals.

To be quite frank with you I could charge an arm and leg for this course. Why? Simply because it is a bona-fide comprehensive ready to use complete system that will have your phone ringing off the hook with motivated sellers dying to do deals with you. However, I decided not to take that route.

But I do have to charge something don't I? After considerable deliberation, I decided to offer this valuable resource to you for only $497 (plus $19.99 s&h).And plus you are protected by my No B.S. guarantee which is:

I guarantee that this course contains everything that I say it does or I will refund your money back.

So there's no way that you can lose. In fact, I will personally make myself available to answer any and all questions that you might have in regards to the information that you will be receiving. Here is my telephone # I can be reached at(917)406-3549.

To order simply click on the "Buy It Now" button below and I will rush your package out to you!



Omar Johnson
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